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Beaver County is home to many vibrant and scenic downtowns. Our program focuses on ensuring that all of our downtown areas have an equal chance at finding success and attracting businesses.

Our Downtowns

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Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Beaver County is located in Western Pennsylvania, just north of Allegheny County. Its relaxed atmosphere and old-style hospitality make it an ideal place to both live and raise a family.

While in close proximity to Pittsburgh, the largest city in Western Pennsylvania, Beaver County boasts its own thriving economy with numerous major corporations calling it home, including the anticipated Shell Ethane Cracker Plant.

While many parts of the county still thrive, the main streets of many of Beaver County's cities and boroughs suffered after the steel industry left. While this has left many businesses and residences vacant in these communities, it has opened up many new opportunities for investors, small business owners, and new entrepreneurs.

Each of our downtowns in the Main Streets program has a dedicated committee, known as a Local Revitalization Organization (LRO), who works to help ensure that their respective community continues to grow and thrive.

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